Friday, July 23, 2010

Cowboy Demo Day 3 -- Let There Be Light!

     Today’s post will demonstrate the application of  only one wash.  And this is very important:  No single wash will propel your painting into something special like this phase of the process. 
     This wash consists of Burnt Sienna and Alizarin Crimson.  These two colors serve as a basis for starting to build a lifelike flesh tone.  This mixture can range from either end of its spectrum.  However, the spectrum is rather compressed with only two colors.

     Here is a small color swatch showing the range (with more water on the top row, and more pigment on the bottom row.)  Try this mixture yourself on a separate piece of watercolor paper.  Play with it for some time before you go for it on your painting.

     Sample #1 leans more to the Alizarin Crimson side for a redder wash.
     Sample #2 is a mixture of 50/50, and this is what I used on the demo.
     Sample #3 leans more toward the Burnt Sienna.  This is for a ruddier complexion.

     You can adjust this mixture easily, by choosing which end of the spectrum you prefer.  And here are some colors that mix well with this pair:  Cadmium Yellow will warm your mixture a lot; Cadmium Orange will warm it, but not as much; and Indian Yellow is a good choice when you want less intensity. 

     So here we go….. I chose to paint around the eye and you’ll notice that on the jaw line, I feathered the wash where the form turns into the light by gradating the wash.  This is where the limitations of a blog and photos make a demonstration tough.  But do the best you can.  It’s just our starting point.
     At the rate we are going, we should wrap up our painting by next Wednesday or Thursday.  I will take a breather tomorrow (Saturday) and give you an update on my  “Anchor” post.
     For those bored with this process, hang in there, and I’ll see you on Monday…. Change is coming!

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