Monday, July 19, 2010

Leaps and Bounds

     Today I'm going to illustrate the possibilities that await you when you apply strong fundamentals to your paintings through good drawing skills.  This is the story of one young artist who sought the training that would propel her paintings to a new level.
   I would like to introduce you to  Sarah Phippen, who has been one of my closest artist friends for quite awhile now.  She would probably tell you that no one has pestered (or lobbied or mentored --- um, make that bullied) her more than me.  I'd probably have to agree.
    However, today I would like to submit to you that Sarah will be mentoring us by her example.  First of all, she has exhibited an extreme amount of perseverance in her pursuit to get good training. 
    Sarah set a goal to study with Anthony Ryder in Santa Fe.  Ryder is a well-known art instructor who teaches atelier drawing.  (See the link to his book in "My Favorites" on the blog).  She raised the tuition on her own, and lived very sparsely while completing her training.  She never took her eye off the goal.
       Secondly, Sarah sets the bar high for herself, demanding a superior level of effort in order to advance her drawing skills.  I recognized a kindred spirit in Sarah; she knows in her soul she is an artist and won't settle for anything less than the best she has to offer her craft.
     Why so convicted?  Sarah has inherited her love and passion for art.  Her grandfather was George Phippen, the noted western artist and sculptor.  George was a founding member of the Cowboy Artists of America, and his gift was passed down to Sarah.  She carries that mantle proudly and with a dedication that we could all take a lesson from.
     I have included two paintings of Sarah's in my blog today.  The first is a study of a colt that showed me the promise of Sarah's talent.  (I bought it because I believed in her, and knew she would only get better).  The second painting is one she completed while studying with Anthony Ryder.  The growth in her skills is evidence of the development and maturity she is exhibiting in her paintings.  I am proud of her.
     If this young lady can push herself and her talents down the rocky road of Art, we can, too.  So to Sarah, I say "thank you" for showing us what is possible and how to grab it.

Images © Sarah Phippen.  Content © Mark Kohler. 

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you posted this, as I couldn't remember her last name. (The first name was easy.)