Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Realities of Life Out West

My good friend Walter Wier rode this bay horse for only a day while I was in Prescott one summer.  The bay was part of a big working remuda, and I wanted more shots of him with Walter's big Wade saddle and long tapederos.  Walt liked the bay, but kept drawing 3-year olds with few rides on them.  The Jigger Boss was taking advantage of a good cowboy with a "bring me your best" attitude.  I assumed I would get more shots of the bay, if not that trip, then the next year ---- but it wasn't meant to be.  At that particular time, Arizona had been unseasonably wet, and one of those low rolling clouds coming out of the west, touched the bay with the electric finger of God.  I wonder if good horses really do go to heaven. 

Have a good weekend! See you on Monday! 

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