Saturday, July 31, 2010

Whipped 7 Ways From Sunday

Now that we've wrapped up the demo painting of Walt, I thought you'd like a little insight to the personal side of my friend.  Hope you enjoy! 

Walter Weir constantly throws good paintings my way.  Walter is nothing but genuine and doesn’t put on any airs, which comes through in the painting.  After a 300 calf morning, rope-burned hands and an empty stomach, Walter stopped for some much needed downtime before the next group of calves was started. This is where life on the wagon starts to crack lesser hands.  The repetition of work, missing family, wanting a real shower, tough horses, tougher cowbosses, and the elements all start to make thoughts of a town job a real possibility.  But Walter lets all that ride … takes another chew …. And chalks it up to just being whipped seven ways from Sunday.

All content and images © Mark Kohler Studio.


  1. I love this painting, Mark. You have such a great way of telling the story with simplicity. It gives your subjects such strength. By the way, I also love the stories about your paintings and passions. Definitely keep that going.

  2. It's so nice to get your feedback. I'm just saying and doing the things that are my passion, and really glad that others find them interesting, too. I'll keep it up!

  3. This is a great painting. something about it is very provocative.

  4. Yes, when I saw Walt sitting there, the titled popped into my head instantly, and I knew I had to paint this image. It all came together so fast, and those are usually paintings that are successful.