Saturday, August 21, 2010

Too Young To Be Pensive

Too Young To Be Pensive

I first met Chance during a trip to the Goemmer's Triangle K Ranch, outside Willard, New Mexico.  He was a young kid that came from a ranching family in Oklahoma, and yearned to be in the middle of everything. 
  This particular summer, I was at the C.V. Ranch near Paulden, Arizona and Chance showed up to once again work for the  Goemmer's.  This time for Lowell's son, Shawn.  Chance had the opportunity of a lifetime: to learn from some of the best cowboys I've ever seen; men who live by the code of the West; men that a young kid in search of  his destiny could emulate.  And learn he did!  A summer spent with the likes of Shawn Goemmer, Ben Kimble and Shane Thompson kicked him a long way down the cowboy road.
     In this painting, Chance is 16 years old, but his skills are as polished as any veteran cowhand.  I love this shot of him holding herd and waiting for his opportunity to rope and drag.  I especially like his reflective mood and I was thinking about what a melancholy moment this was.  Chance was, in all probability, contemplating his turn to pull his rope down and go to work.  I guess I was in awe that this kid could be so serious about his responsibilities.  Let’s face it, how many pensive 16-year-olds do you know?

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