Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 3: Restating Our Form

     The above image is where we left off yesterday.  I’m pleased with the progress of the painting so far.  But after the Burnt Sienna/Raw Umber layer we did yesterday, my early dark underpainting is starting to disappear.  So in this next pass, I will go back to my Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber grey mixture and restate the features and the dark brindle stripes in the face.  I will restate the facial features (eye and nostril) with a wet-on-dry application.  After this dries, I will wet the face and do the brindle stripes wet-into-wet again.
     Remember to allow the clear water wash to dry a bit before applying your paint.  (Let the sheen start to fade from the clear water wash before you paint).  I also added a neutral wash of Ultramarine Blue and Raw Umber to the hoofs.  I did this just to establish some underpainting before we move on.

     Here’s how our painting should look after this restating layer is finished.  Notice that the steer’s head is starting to look weighty.  We are still building middle tones, but we will soon start to consider the shadow side.  
     Stay tuned for tomorrow’s lesson.
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