Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reload At Battle Mountain

     Since I am currently on the road home from Battle Mountain, Nevada, I thought I would share a painting from this region of our great American West.  This will give you some sense of why it's worth it to me to travel so far.  I am always presented with great subjects and stories.  Hope you enjoy this one!

Chris had a tough upbringing.  A gypsy childhood and a tragic accident that claimed his father put their mark on him.  Cowboying is a strange thing …. when you’re around it, you see how it affects a man.  Passions of the heart are a strong common thread --- the thread that runs through every aspect of ranch life.  The monetary awards are sketchy at best, but the rewards of the heart are magnificently satisfying.  Chris lives his life on these incentives:  good family, good horses, a hard day’s work behind a sixty foot rope, and the occasional bronc ride.  The artist’s life parallels the cowboy’s in so many ways.  Maybe that’s why I can relate to their passions and to their love of the simpler aspects of life.  I guess we’re all chasing our star.

 All content and images © Mark Kohler Studio.

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