Thursday, December 2, 2010

Framing 101 - Day 4: The Finished Product!

     Now it's time to move to the glass cutter and cut a piece of U.V. resistant glass for my painting.

     I carefully clean both sides with Sprayway glass cleaner, looking for smudges or debris that must be removed.

     The next step is to sweep your matte one final time before the frame is applied.

     Then the frame is carefully placed over the glass and flipped over on the framing table for final nailing in place.

     I use an Elpa manual nail gun to seal in my back board.  Don't scrimp on nails here.  I put more than are necessary because I don't want my glass and painting moving around at this point.

     For my dust cover, I prefer brown Kraft paper.  I use the ATG adhesive gun to apply a strip around the edge if my frame.

     Then the Kraft paper backing is applied.  After pressing it down to make the adhesive stick, I carefully trim the paper with a flat razor blade, keeping 1/4" from my painting's edge.

     All that remains is to attach the hardware and a hanger.  I use braided wire, but many applications are available.

     Here's the finished painting, framed and ready to be shipped!

     *It's difficult in a blog forum to teach you the intricacies of all that is required to complete a frame.  If you would like to email me for additional information, or would like to sponsor a framing workshop demonstration, please let me know.  I hope this has been interesting and informative.

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  1. Thank you Mark for the detailed framing series. Very informative.
    I can see what you meant in an earlier blog when it comes to framing your own work or paying someone else to frame your work.