Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Soper's Horses

     As a watercolorist, I am on an eternal search for quality resources to further my craft.  The great majority of watercolor-related books have little to offer.

     My friend Jason Scull recently gave me a remarkable book that is definitely worth adding to your collection, whether you paint or not.  The title is George Soper’s Horses, A Celebration of the English Working Horse by Paul Heiney.  This book is not only rooted in good foundational drawing and painting, but is directly targeted for the western painter, because Soper’s subject matter is draft horses.
     Soper’s affinity for farming horses is crystal clear.  He spent a lifetime studying the European draft horses and his dedication is evident in his drawing.  Soper’s body of work was produced in the first half of the last century.  He died in 1942.  He was typical of an artist who totally immersed himself in his subject matter.  He could move seamlessly through different mediums to illustrate his passion.
     Watercolors, etchings, scratchboard and simple sketches are handled with the knowledge of a Master.  Of course, I lean toward the watercolors as my favorites, but you will appreciate Soper’s gift with a brush or pencil.

     Two of my favorite paintings in the book are shown above, and they are handled so brilliantly they need no further discussion. 
     If you don’t have this book in your collection, please consider a visit to Amazon.  You won’t be disappointed. 

P.S.  The last time I checked Amazon there were only 4 copies available.  Don’t delay!

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