Tuesday, January 4, 2011

White Dogs Are Tough: Day 2

     OK, we’re ready to start our painting, and since I must achieve a dead-on likeness of the subject, I chose to begin with the drawing of Sugar’s head (Photo 1). 

Photo 1

     I wanted to make sure I captured a perfect semblance of her before I invested several more hours of additional drawing.  If I don’t peg a likeness in the head and eye, I see no use in continuing the process.
     In Photo 2, I used some Burnt Umber and Ultramarine Blue to establish the darks around the eye, and darks in the nostril.  I also laid in some preliminary washes in the nose and ears.

Photo 2

     At this point, I’m going slow and being very careful.  A snap color decision here can ruin my early efforts, so I’m evaluating my color choices with care.

Photo 3

     Photo 3 shows the collar blocked in with its first wash, and at this point I felt comfortable enough to continue on with completing my drawing.  I used a soft B pencil and very quickly indicated some of the form in the muscle groups.  With long-haired animals, the muscle groups don’t show up so well. 

     To define my subject, I must depend on edge changes in my photo and look for the subtle value changes that will make up my portrait.
     With the drawing completed, we’ll start on washes tomorrow.

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