Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trina: Day 6. Never Let Your Guard Down!


     I feel Trina’s hair needs some more definition, so I use Burnt Sienna and a new color not listed in our original palette (Raw Sienna) to get a bit closer to her hair color.  I keep building layer after layer and the painting is starting to come together nicely.
     I feel like my painting is going really well, but I never let my guard down.  Every artist has had a painting swerve for the ditch at the eleventh hour.  Trina’s face seems a bit weak, so I add one more light wash of Cadmium Red.
     From here, things are going to move slower and in smaller increments.  It’s time to refine and make small color adjustments.  I put in a light Raw Umber on Trina’s romal (or reins), and call it a day. 

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  1. Holy cow - Your painting is coming along amazingly. Thanks for sharing the process and your steps!