Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trina: Day Five - It's All About The Saddle

     Welcome back to our painting!  We start off today by painting a broad wash of Van Dyke Brown on the saddle skirts and begin defining areas of the saddle using Burnt Sienna and Raw Umber, as well as mixtures of the two.  I also put an extra wash on Trina’s belt.

     I then put a weak wash of Burnt Umber grayed with a touch of Ultramarine Blue.  I want to get some background in so I can start integrating my subject into some type of atmospheric background.  Notice that I’ve indicated the horse’s mane and the small portion of his neck.  I’m keeping this simple now but may add more information as I go.  I’ve taken some Sap Green and a touch of dirty blue off my palette and quickly indicated the stripes in Trina’s saddle blanket.

     A few more darks are added to the saddle and I start picking away at some of the saddle detail.  That’s enough for today!

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