Friday, September 24, 2010

Trina: Day Three

     Today, I use the same mix I used on the hands (a mix of Burnt Sienna and Alizarin Crimson) and apply this same wash over Trina’s face.

     This second color is very close to her skin tone in the photo.  Notice that there is a lot of reflected light from her white shirt and a bright sunny day.  Take care to preserve her earring.  I painted around it without masking fluid.

     I then spent the next 60 minutes painting the skirt of her leggings, using Burnt Sienna.  And then I used a weak wash of Indanthrene Blue on the jeans.  I start thinking about a good shadow color for her shirt and try a small wash on the collar of her shirt.
     That’s enough for today.  See you tomorrow!

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