Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Fortress

     This weekend, while we're taking a break from our portrait of Trina, I wanted to introduce you to another cowgirl in my repertoire.  Her name is Heather Coombs, and she lives and works on the Smith Creek Ranch in Nevada.  Here is her story:

     Painting Heather is easy... titling the painting always leaves me at a loss.  I feel compelled to illustrate her in a fair light.  Words and descriptions come fast.  Heather is the glue that keeps all around her together.  She is virtuous; she can be a rounder... while at the same time, fiercely God-fearing.  She takes care of dogs and horses with the caring instincts that only a woman possesses.  Yet she can bury her emotions and make the hard decisions when necessary.  Typical of working ranch women, she asks for nothing.  She just presses on, for the demands of work never wait. 

All content and images © Mark Kohler Studio.

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