Monday, November 22, 2010

How To Show

     I know you hear me harp on being a pro nearly every single day, and today will be no different.  One of the arrows in your art quiver is a no-brainer.  It allows you to look professional, set up efficiently, and gives you latitude to deal with most any situation in regards to the exhibition of your work.
     Today I want to introduce you to a company that manufactures art panels.  The company is M.D. Enterprises and the product is called Pro Panels.  This company was started by two artists who saw a need and filled it.  David Curry and Mike Dixon built a better mousetrap for all of us.
     I have exhibited on a set of Pro Panels for nearly 17 years.  When I started I made the mistake of manufacturing my own booth, instead of checking out an industry standard.  I only used the home-made version for one year, and I lost money on my investment.  However, this wasn’t the greatest artistic sin I committed.  The worst thing that resulted from my inexperience was that I didn’t appear professional.
     I attended a huge trade show in Vegas and showed near Buck Taylor, a fantastic artist, good guy and an owner of Pro Panels.  I knew that day that I was already at a disadvantage.  Buck’s booth was a work of art in itself.  Everything was neat and professional.  I decided right then I would never be out-shown again because of inferior equipment.  

     This is what my booth looked like once I made the switch to Pro Panels.  And I want to share the two distinct advantages to owning these panels:  1) Because they configure to any existing environment, you have the latitude to set up your visual display most anywhere.  I have shown in trade shows, outdoor art shows, private in-home showings, outdoor gazebos, indoor arenas, a field in Kansas, an outdoor deck and a 5-star hotel suite (that took some bribery and $50 to get the booth up the work elevator).   2)  It’s light and efficient.  Each panel only weighs 14 pounds.  That means Pam and I can set up a 10 x 10 booth (with lights) in less than one hour.  We are not worn out, and routinely find we are set up and gone before our neighbor can get the first screw in his “homemade-I-saved-$500-booth”. 
     Visit and check out some of the booth configurations.  Pro Panels can suit your specific needs.  If you’re a sculptor, they build taborets and pedestals.  If you sell prints, they have many options for print bins.  Talk to Mark at the company, and let him know what you wish to accomplish.  He won’t steer you wrong.  And if you pick your booth up in Dallas, you can save the shipping.
     For you part-timers who may not be ready to make the jump to purchasing your own booth, M.D. Enterprises will rent you the booth, poles, hangers, etc. for a rather nominal $125 fee.  It’s something to consider.
     If you doubt that Pro Panels isn’t the industry standard, visit an outdoor art show in your community.  You’ll be pleasantly shocked how many artists depend on M.D. Enterprises quality.
     Here’s the information you need:  M.D. Enterprises, 214-350-7372;  Tell them I sent you.
     Due to the Thanksgiving holiday this week, I have decided to celebrate it to the fullest.  I will post through Wednesday, and take Thursday-Sunday off to spend time with Pam, and family and friends.  I hope each of you pause to give thanks for all the great things in your life.  Posts will resume on Monday.  

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