Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mastering The Trail

Everything about my friend Trina Campbell is colorful.  She’s a refreshing breath of intense, bright, right-in-your-face fresh air.
     Trina is the wife of noted horse trainer, clinician and all-around good guy Peter Campbell.  They run a 1400-acre horse operation near Wheatland, Wyoming.
Trina Campbell

     Trina has been in my neck of the woods these past few days, giving her own instruction and insight to a good bunch of folks near Cuero, Texas.  She has been a favorite subject of mine since we met many years ago.  But I must admit that it’s damn near impossible to adequately illustrate through paint, all that is Trina.
     A larger than life character, Trina is drawn to people who have focus and drive.  Her intensity for horsemanship is evident in flashes of brilliance, and she is able to lighten the mood and keep those around her moving forward.
     After spending the better part of two evenings with Trina and friends, I’ve come to see a genuine, honest and caring person.  But make no mistake---Trina has little time for suffering fools, and those who refuse to dedicate themselves to the basics and foundations of their craft, will be summarily dismissed.
Peter Campbell
     This philosophy is common ground between us.  Trina, like myself, is drawn to individuals who pride themselves on fine craftsmanship.  Our mutual friend John Weinkauf is the perfect example.  Considered by many to be the finest handmade boot maker in the country, John represents Trina’s philosophy to the highest degree.  The level of skill and craftsmanship exhibited by masters such as Peter, Trina and John will generally be lost on the masses (even those who consider themselves self-appointed connoisseurs of finer things).
     Please don’t take my words wrong here.  There are many fine craftsmen of gear and art to be had.  But the level of work and expertise that skilled artisans like John Weinkauf or Silversmith Mark Drain exhibit are at a remarkable level.  They are true master craftsmen rooted in the knowledge of basics and foundation.
     So hats off to Trina Campbell for once again showing me that “Mastery of Craft”, be it Peter Campbell with his horse and light hand, or John Weinkauf with last and thread is a trail of choice; a trail the artist or artisan must choose to walk.  It’s a trail where mastery and quality is dictated by only one ….. that’s you! 

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  1. My Dad's ranch is just down the road from John's and they were friends for years. John is one of the kindest most honorable individuals that I have ever met. My dad passed away this past November and I have all of his boots that john mad for him and they make me smile every time that I look at them. And, he is the best boot maker in America hands down.
    Sean Owens, DVM