Monday, November 15, 2010

Dream Killers

     It’s my opinion that there are two types of Dream Killers: those that exist in the world around us, and those that live inside our head.  Of the two, I have no doubt that the type we allow to dictate our action from inside our own thinking is the most dangerous.  More on that in a second. 
     The Dream Killers that exist around us are everywhere.  They can be our parents, telling us in no uncertain terms, “You can’t make a living as an artist”, or “I wanted you to be a lawyer.”  It can be the talking head on CNBC telling us “the economy is in an irreversible tailspin.”  Maybe it’s our best friend who is working a subtle sabotage because you might be succeeding in a life-long goal that makes Best Friend feel a bit inadequate.  If could be a spouse who has two feet anchored on the security side of the fence, and can’t chance allowing you to pursue your real passion. 
     I could list 20 more people with seemingly good reasons you shouldn’t take one step down that artistic path.  They exist everywhere and are well-versed in arguments on why you can’t.
     But they can do little harm until we allow their opinions to cross over from an outside influence to one that gets in our heads.  This is where dreams die fast.  You are the gatekeeper and whatever outside force you let influence your thinking, now becomes your responsibility. 
     Generally speaking, 99% of the people you know (friends and family) don’t care if you want to be an artist.  They haven’t even pondered this thought one time.  You see, Dream Killers only make their opinions known once you commit to something as grand as pursuing your passion.   Recognize their opinions for what they really are….a worry, a loss of some sense of real security, fear for you, fear for themselves.  Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter!  It’s your passion.  Grab it while you can!  And keep the Dream Killers out of your own head.
     Did you know that less than 1/10th of 1% of the population could do what you can already do?  You’ve been given a gift.  Now you must decide.
     Press forward and work on your skills, technique, and craft; get better, try harder.  Or listen to the Dream Killers and park your butt on the easy and safe road.
     Do you remember William Wallace of “Braveheart” telling his men before the battle of Sterling, “What will you do without freedom?”  A warrior answers him, “We will run, and we will live.”  Wallace challenges their response:  “Aye, you will live.  And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that, for just one chance?”  Will you?

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