Monday, December 13, 2010

Art and the New Technology

     I've spoken about artist David Kassan and his fantastic drawing and painting ability.  I saw this video several months ago, and was astounded at how quickly he was able to adapt to a completely new medium that is technology-based.
     This may not be the traditional method of creating art, but art it is, and I found it fascinating.  This is  where traditional drawing skill and high tech come together.  This will be the new sketchbook of the future.  Watch and marvel!


  1. how is this classified? Digital art? Then does he print out the finished work?

  2. Mel, I'm not really sure how it would be classified. Personally, i think he did it as a demo, and then hit the erase button. The most important part of the demo, was the tag line at the end...."Performed Live on an Apple iPad". This guy is way ahead of us all in using the new media. He broke ground early. Did you see the number of hits?