Monday, January 17, 2011

A Paring Down

     I apologize in advance to those who subscribe to my blog and visit every day.  Additionally, I owe you a big “thank you” for your investment of time to peruse my daily ramblings. 
     However, the time has come for me to re-focus my painting efforts.  Several very interesting projects have been sent my way, but they require great investments of time, research and preliminary drawing proposals.
     Realistically, the early phase of my blog has run its course.  I’ve given you some fundamental basics that will serve you well as a beginner or a working professional.  The beauty of fundamentals is that they serve us all the same, at whatever level we find ourselves.

     At first, it was my intention to end the blog and move on to something new, but after much reflection, I’ve decided to post once per week, until a definite new direction arises.  I know that several new and interesting thoughts and techniques will appear on my horizon, and I think sharing our thoughts, even sporadically, will be a benefit to us all.
     So look for my weekly post, keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter, and don’t stop painting, writing and creating!

Your friend,



  1. I understand about the time. I hope you leave this "up" or turn it into a book - it is a great resource and would be a shame to see it fade away.

  2. Robert,

    Oh, I'm still planning on contributing posts to the blog. It's too important a vehicle for me to abandon. I just have some great projects in line that I will need to devote some major time to. Thanks for understanding. And I will be posting notifications of new blog posts on my Facebook page, so you will know when there is a new post available.