Saturday, January 15, 2011

Soul Window

Soul Window

I am always amazed at the horses that working cowboys will ride.  Most big outfits average forty dollars a day on wages, so the working guys have to make the most of average horses.  This mare belongs to Tanner Bell, a Piute Buckaroo living near Battle Mountain, NV.  This mare is one of my favorite subjects.  Obviously a desert mustang, she is alert and built for endurance.  The horse crowd wouldn’t give you a plug nickel for her, but the working guys are masters at taking an average horse and doing remarkable things with them.  What she lacks in conformation and pedigree, she more than makes up for with heart and try and loyalty.  Look at her eye and tell me that isn’t a window to her soul.  She gives of herself and asks for nothing in return, but a good day’s work and a pat of acknowledgement and mutual respect.

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