Friday, January 14, 2011

Simply Simple Things

     I’ve been contemplating the significance of importance…. As in what’s really important….in this life, to me.  I’ve come to settle on these few “things”.  Simple things:

Holding my grandfather’s tools and wondering who will care for them when I’m gone.

A new Isabey #7 Sable brush

The little mesquite table Chris McLarry gave me

The feel of a new Nicholson mill file

© Joel Ostlind
Cast Iron cookware

The sound of Sitka spruce arrows out of a traditional bow

Enstrom’s Toffee

Splitting mesquite with a maul

Re-reading Plummer’s “Nathan”

Kimber 45’s

Joel Ostling Etchings

Wood burning stoves

Tom Ford cologne

Jeannie’s Christmas Fudge

Dietz Lanterns

Leafless oaks against a winter sky

Tom McGuane books

Old Creels

Re-runs of Northern Exposure


International Artist Magazine

Wetterling Hatchets

My Filson shooting coat

A flask full of Cat Daddy

The way a Randall knife fills your hand

Quattro, my Granny Dog
My 1973 Vietnam Era Benrus watch (which I won on a bet on the skeet field)

Cooking outdoors

Granny dogs, “Old Men”, and puppies

Wondering who will care for my grandfather’s tools. 

All content © Mark Kohler Studio.  

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  1. Good stuff....
    I miss Northern Exposure, I loved that show.