Friday, June 24, 2011

Keep The Economy Out Of Your Head and Off Your Paper

     The Economy.... As I approach each day in the studio, it’s the single most recurring thought that pervades my mind.  And I’ve had to learn how to keep a handle on it.  Whether it’s the stock market, Bernanke, the Dollar, or all the less-than-professional idiots running this country, they all contribute to distracting factors in my day.
Cortés scuttling his fleet
     But I have a responsibility to wade these dangerous waters.  Pam and I have worked hard for our little piece of life that we enjoy so much.  And much like Hernán Cortés, upon his expedition into Mexico, we have scuttled our fleet and there is no turning back.  We must press on and defeat the discouraging rumors about the relevancy of art in today’s economy.
     We firmly believe we are on God’s path for us and are determined to remain faithful, which means trusting and using the gifts He has given us.  I dare say it’s no different for you.  This world has been in turmoil since the beginning of time, and it will remain in turmoil.  So at some point you need to make up your mind to get on with life and achieve your goals.
     I’ve found that talking with other artists can be good, BUT be careful about putting too much stock in the “downers”.  You know whom I’m talking about.  Some of my friends might think that describes me.  However I consider myself a realist; I discern the situation as it is and prepare to deal with it accordingly, and get on with things---like painting.
     One technique that consistently works for me is to maintain the image of my finished work in my head.  Visualizing how I want my final work to look is the single most powerful tool I have for focusing my painting efforts.
Waiting to Start the Night Guard
     Generally if I can keep that image in the forefront of my thoughts, and deliberately slow down my painting process, I can raise my proficiency level, and thereby produce more and better work.
     Call it Zen or Yang or some other neo-harmonic crap, if that works for you, but put your brain into your painting game. 
     The so-called experts say we only use 10% of our brain, and the other 90% remains untapped, which I don’t necessarily subscribe to.  But if I can keep my meager 10 clear and uncluttered with the world’s intrusions, I find that every now and then something good happens.
     Good painting!



  1. "neo-harmonic crap" You never fail to make me guffaw! Now I've gotta find a way to work neo-harmonic crap into every conversation and email. (if this posts twice, it's not my fault - it's neo-harmonic crap)

  2. Oh, watercolor, thou art my refuge in the storm of life.