Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Quiet One

     Ben Kimble is a good and humble man.  I could stop right there with this perfect, succinct summation of my friend and superb cowboy.  Ben is a longtime permanent fixture in northern Arizona, and Beano, as he is known in the cowboy circle, is the quiet type.
     He is solid and gets his work done with the competence of a top hand.  Beano has worked on most of the big ranches in Arizona, including the Diamond As, O RO, 7-Up, and the Old C.V.  Beano has grabbed hold of all the cowboy life has to offer and carries the traditions of the working cowboy right there on his sleeve for all to see.  And he makes no apologies for it.
     My favorite recollection of Beano is the special care he doted on the older cowhands at a branding several years ago.  His respect for those who have gone before him; those who refuse to give up the lifestyle they love, was most admirable.
Arizona Fast Loop
     Beano has a strong connection to the men and country of northern Arizona.  The long highway keeps our friendship at bay, but we only need one handshake to pick up where our relationship was cut short.  I realized that I have been painting him for nearly 10 years now, and nothing has changed.  The saddle leather and trappings come and go, but the man remains steady and true.     

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