Friday, July 15, 2011

Gaucho Demo - Day 1

     OK, we’re ready to start our painting!  My first wash is a mixture of Burnt Sienna and New Gamboge.  I take this mixture towards the Burnt Sienna side, since the Gaucho’s complexion leans toward a darker, more ruddy tone.  Keep this the consistency of tea, and the value rather weak.

     My next layer will be a purple mixture made from French Ultramarine Blue and Alizarin Crimson.  With this mixture, I’m going to be establishing some form in the face.  This next step will be slow and deliberate because I want to make sure that I create a likeness to my subject.  This is no time to rush or get flippant with paint applications or color decisions.
     I want to focus a lot of time on the face.  Let’s agree that if the face isn’t a dead ringer of my subject, then there is little point in moving on.

     I also decide that I will work on the Gaucho’s hat.  With that bold, dark addition to my central point of interest, I want it established before I start the next critical stages of the face.

     We’ll stop here so that you can concentrate on getting this important phase of the painting locked down before we proceed.  Good luck!   

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